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How I can help

Therapy and counselling are really useful for those times when we are feeling stuck, overwhelmed with anxiety, lost, lacking in self confidence, unworthy of what we have, or generally not in a good place.


Also for responding to trauma and loss in relationships and in life.  Sometimes people come because of a specific issue, sometimes because they are feeling that all is not well but can’t rely define why.


Therapy and counselling help us to understand better what has been going on, where we are stuck and how to move forward. I will ask about your history and your present, how different aspects of yourself respond, the impact of your internal critical voices. Through this process of understanding better we are able to regain a sense of confidence, compassion for ourselves, empowerment, an ability to manage our own lives and be open to others. This allows the possibility of healing.


Togther we can discover new ways for you to deal with difficult situations at work or at home or find new ways through feeling stuck in your life.


I also offer supervision for practising therapists and counsellors. 

I now feel I really have the tools I need to live the life I have always wanted. T.M.