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Appointments and fees

I am always happy to meet with people for an initial introductory session to see if counselling or therapy might work for you and if you feel comfortable working with me.


All the research shows that good outcomes in therapy and counselling depend on the quality of the relationship between the two people in the room. This first session is a good way to get a sense of whether we can work together and what kinds of issues are important for you.


If we both feel this is right then we decide together whether to meet for a couple of sessions, 6-8 weeks or have an open ended agreement.


We will meet for a 50 minute session once a week, talk about what has been happening to you, how your history has impacted on you, and where you feel stuck. People often tell me that simply hearing themsleves talk, thinking about the questions I ask, reflecting on what has been happening in a different way, is immensely helpful.


I work in offices in central Cambridge; in Chesterton and Madingley Road. Both venues have parking and are on bus routes.



The  fee is £70 a session, payable in cash or by cheque. I don't have a way of taking credit card payments.


I also offer a sliding scale of fees which are

For people with a family income of £30-£50K per annum the fee is £60

For people with a family income of £20k- £30k per annum the fee is £50

For people with a family income of less than £20k per annum the fee is £45


For more information or to book an appointment:

07590 107455

Matthew Scurfield. 2009 I Could Be Anyone. Monticello Publishing.


"If I remain buried in my childhood needs, locked up in a private dungeon with wishes and regrets, I will continue to condemn the differences between us; I will do everything in my power to make you see the world the way I do in order to get what I want.  This, as I realise to my emotional cost, is a truly destructive path which, if fulfilled, can at best build a grand façade with foundations made of sand."


This has been the best investment I ever made.